Event Creches

Are you planning a wedding?

Are you wondering who is going to look after and entertain the children, look no further. Little Beans World offers professional Wedding and Event Creche’s. Our fully qualified child minders and nannies have years of experience working with children. This will not only give you the peace of mind that they are being well looked after, but they know just how to ensure the children also enjoy the day! We will bring everything needed to keep the little ones quiet during the speeches, then creating a party atmosphere for the children too! Our child minds/nannies will then also sit and watch them sleeping while your guests let their hair down dancing the night away!

Arts and crafts, party games, prizes, drama games, toys and books all organised and provided by us!

To ensure the safety of the children and to stay in line with childcare regulations the following ratios apply, please refer to this when getting a guide on price for your creche;

Our staff to children ratio:

Under 2 years old        1:3

2-5 years old                1:4

5 -8 years old               1:8

The cost

Prices are available on request tailored to your specific requirements – please contact us

Babysitting Service

After 7pm we can arrange a babysitting service for you offering peace and mind that your children will be cared for and tucked up safe and sound by one of our professional members of staff. This will usually be one of the nannies from the creche.  This is a service that can, if practical can be shared between a couple of parents and can take place in the home or at the venue.  Our costs start from £15 per nanny per hour